Centum is actively involved in the international real estate markets. Indeed, we are a leading provider of structured debt solutions to the real estate industry. Our real estate holdings are significant in scale and broadly diversified, encompassing office, hotel, retail, industrial, healthcare, and multi-family properties around the world.

Our Private Equity business is active around the world. We work closely with trusted advisors, such the Oxbridge Capital Group of Companies and some of the major international banks, to identify, invest in and enhance the value of great businesses, large and small. This approach has delivered consistent performance.

As part of its sales and trading operations, Centum capital is able to offer loans against shares on all major markets. The loans are typically high LTV loans with no margin requirements that are made on a non-recourse basis where the borrower retains all of the upside appreciation in the shares pledged as collateral for the loan. No credit checks and no credit reporting are required.