Ahmed Said, President of the Energy Group at Forbes & Manhattan, is well versed in the area of development and exploration in the oil and gas industry. With a track record of raising hundreds of millions of dollars in equity transactions, Ahmed Said has proven his skills in managing capital markets and in facilitating mergers and acquisitions through Forbes & Manhattan.

One of the primary ways a company can expand on its business operations and fund new projects is through mergers and acquisitions, also referred to as M&As. This financing strategy is used by corporate financiers to purchase, sell, separate, or combine companies or entities. By using this approach, a company does not have to form a subsidiary, which can slow a company’s goals toward growth.

Technically, a merger involves a legal transaction whereby two companies consolidate into a single entity. An acquisition happens when a company takes over another firm and becomes the owner. In turn, the acquired company acts as an independent entity.

Mergers are friendlier transactions, as the leaders of each company generally agree to consolidate their interests. An acquisition, however, can be hostile as the target company usually resists the idea of being bought.